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Internet/Linux related reference sheets

We have created a collection of quick reference sheets dealing with a variety of Linux and Internet topics. Below are links to the original documents as well as a screenshot of each document. These documents are based on the original ones created by Mark Krenz (Suso Banderas) in 2000 and 2001. These versions were updated in 2005 to with new information.

You can either click on the name of the document for the Open Office 2.0 version or you can click on the thumbnail image for a preview. These documents are released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike licence. So feel free to print them out and redistribute them.

We are also selling high quality hard copies of the Linux command reference and Internet TLD reference as one two sided laminated document for $5.00 + tax and shipping. You can either come to our office to purchase them or contact Mark Krenz at for details.

Linux shell commands (odt doc)
TLD extensions (odt doc)


There are a few errors on the quick reference sheets.

  • Shell commands
    • The options for grep are wrong. It should be -A and -B instead of -B and -C.
    • The example used for >> in the bash shell section should be ps aux >> pslog.txt
    • For the find example, it should say "change their user ownership to fred using chown", not "chmod".